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Full Version Of G Syntax Best Of GFX For Performance


How to solve some problems G Syntax

List All Version of G Syntax

*Fix All Config When U Select non Userengine.ini

- Fix Bug UserEngine - Improvement UserEngine - Optimasi Folder PUBGM All Version

- Fix Delete TW Version ODpaks
- Fix delete folder config when userengine selected
- Add GameUT.ini support
- Add Support folder config in "select folder" button
- Add Support without installation / tanpa instalasi (you can enable this feature on settings menu of gsyntax)

- Optimasi Menu Settings & Remove Back Button
- Optimasi Rawdata status success
- Optimasi EnjoyCJZC.ini When Safemode ON
- Optimasi : Name Button "Select Rawdata" change to "Select Folder"

*You Can Select folder rawdata, com.tencent.ig & config automatically copy folder to data pubg mobile

*Fix Remove Folder Saved 

G Syntax 5.0.3 Split BETA : Ditarik! (Have Many Bug)
- Fix Bug UserEngine.ini Thx For Report @_rzkynto
- Optimasi G Syntax 
- Optimasi UserEngine.ini 
- Optimasi Logo 
- Optimasi UserCustom & EnjoyCJZC When UserEngine Installed
- Do u found a bug? email now faranramdan@gmail.com

*Split Only is the new security from gsyntax the best for now

*New Package mean cant use if you are installed pubg mobile lite and new security & Old Package mean can use with pubg mobile lite but old security

*Split is Mean, Can Using Global, VN, KR, TW Version

G Syntax 2.8.0 (Global Only): http://www.mediafire.com/file/iok4graqqh2qpux/GFX_SYNTAX_2.8.0_Global.apk/file

G Syntax 2.8.0 (Global Only): http://www.mediafire.com/file/w2hj9nyzapl588c/GFX_SYNTAX_2.8.1_Global.apk/file

G Syntax 2.9.0 (Global Only):  http://www.mediafire.com/file/mw5nkh8babzflkw/GFX_SYNTAX_2.9.0_Global.apk/file