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How To Fix Problem G Syntax Installation Not Installed


 G syntax is an application that was developed with ❤️, by Faran Ramdan

For Indonesian Language Here : Cara Fix Mengatasi Masalah GFX G Syntax Installation Not Installed PUBG Mobile

 G Syntax feature

 The application makes it easy to install Config, Download Config, Support UserCusrom, Enjoycjzc, userengine, active sav, gamesetting and others.

Will there be a G syntax for the pubg new state?

 The good news is that Faran Ramdan as a develop g syntax has the ambition to be the best gfx for pubg mobile games and free fire so there is a desire I want to make gfx for pubg new state

 But maybe you have a problem with the g syntax because not all androids can be compatible, but I try to be the best gfx according to what I can develop

 The problem this is

 How to solve Installation not Installed on G Syntax ?

 Here are 2 solutions

 First step

Possible Installation not Installed because BackupDevice.ini is not in the GSyntax / BackupDevice.ini folder

 1. Enter the GSyntax app

 2. If Installation not Installed, enter the installation menu


3. If the text appears on the Installation menu, please skip solution number 3, but if it doesn't appear, maybe UserCustom.ini isn't in android / data / com.versionpubg files/ ue4games / shadowtrackerextra / shadowtrackerextra / saved / config / android / usercustom.ini Please try resetting the screen on the graphic menu in the pubg mobile game, how to open pubg mobile> enter the graphics menu> reset screen


4. Go back to g syntax> installation menu

 Check whether the text appears, if it appears delete the [Backup Device Profile] section to the bottom, leaving [UserCustom DeviceProfile]


 Save, if successful, save successfull will appear

 If the text on the installation still doesn't appear, it's possible that your device doesn't support reading the usercustom.ini file

the second way of solving the problem

 Go to settings / settings on gsyntax


 Enable force without Installation


 Done, you can install Config without having to install it

 But this second solution has a drawback, the usercustom.ini config probably won't work or doesn't support / doesn't affect the resolution (depending on your device)

 So hopefully you can try this g syntax easily and the problem is resolved.