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How to use GFX G Syntax / GSyntax Android 11 Cannot Open Android & Data Folder


How to deal with Android 11 that cannot use any GSyntax or GFX for pubg mobile And other games are quite easy to overcome

Here I am using android 11 base MIUI which should in this way all android 11 be resolved

But here I will use the root or module method for the root user

For Indonesian Language : Cara menggunakan GFX G Syntax/GSyntax Android 11 Tidak Bisa Membuka Folder Android/Data

How about non-root for GSyntax User ?

Until now I have not found the best solution, it can only be done manually, namely using zarchiver or xplorer

But for the future G Syntax is still being developed so it is possible that Android 11 for G Syntax will be released, I'm still looking for the source code for Android 11 and I'm still researching the development of G Syntax.

How To Root User ?

Listen carefully, here you are required to root first using Magisk.

Download File: Data & OBB Unloker For Android 11

  1. After the above file is downloaded
  2. Install "data file & OBB unloker" via Magisk module
  3. Once installed, reboot
  4. Enter GSyntax and see if you can install config via GSyntax?
  5. Done, please use the latest file or config

Haven't Downloaded GSyntax For PUBG Mobile?

Download Now at: https://www.faranramdan.com/2020/12/full-version-of-gfx-g-syntax-best-of.html

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