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How to Change Config With G Syntax

How to change config on gsyntax is actually quite easy, with the g application syntax all pubg mobile config is correct.

First I'm sorry for bad translate, because this translate from Google translate

For Indonesia language here : Cara Ganti Config PUBG Mobile Dengan GFX G Syntax

Thousands of config types on pubg mobile and how to install them are different, but with g syntax it's just one click away even though there are various types of config pubg mobile

 this tutorial how to install config for g syntax version 4.7.0 and above

How to ? Check out the following

It's easy to change config via g syntax with just one click and it will automatically configure what type you are using.

But maybe some of you don't understand how to change config in gsyntax

Watch how to install config via syntax g

If you have watched the installation video above but don't understand it, see the following text tutorial

Note some questions

1. change config Is it necessary to delete the previous config if you want to use the new config?

No need, you don't need a config remover if you want to use another config, the syntax automatically removes the previous config


2. why does the fax not work?

Previously the paks never worked, but in the next update the paks is no longer functioning

3. why when I choose a config that does not match the config I chose, for example, usercustom.ini is selected instead active.sav

Maybe there is a folder that affects the sample destination before there is active text even though you choose the user habit, so the first one is active. The solution is to use just another config

Ok, just how do you use config in the g syntax

Use the Latest version of G Syntax https://www.faranramdan.com/2020/12/full-version-of-gfx-g-syntax-best-of.html?m=1

1. Open G Syntax app

2. Click the upload icon

3. select config, select config support button to select several types of usercustom config, enjoy, usersetting, userengine, userUT, active.sav, zip (to unzip) and others. If it is not supported it will display "Your file is not supported"

4. Select your config, for example, I chose the Enjoycjzc type

5. Automatically select what config is there, Using Enjoycjzc (use enjoycjzc)

6. Done, please click save in the right top corner and see if the graphic changes or not

Hopefully this article is useful and becomes a solution for you users of gfx and config pubg mobile