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Full Version Of G Syntax Best Of GFX For Performance


How to solve some problems G Syntax

List All Version of G Syntax

*Fix All Config When U Select non Userengine.ini

- Fix Bug UserEngine - Improvement UserEngine - Optimasi Folder PUBGM All Version

- Fix Delete TW Version ODpaks
- Fix delete folder config when userengine selected
- Add GameUT.ini support
- Add Support folder config in "select folder" button
- Add Support without installation / tanpa instalasi (you can enable this feature on settings menu of gsyntax)

- Optimasi Menu Settings & Remove Back Button
- Optimasi Rawdata status success
- Optimasi EnjoyCJZC.ini When Safemode ON
- Optimasi : Name Button "Select Rawdata" change to "Select Folder"

*You Can Select folder rawdata, com.tencent.ig & config automatically copy folder to data pubg mobile

*Fix Remove Folder Saved 

G Syntax 5.0.3 Split BETA : Ditarik! (Have Many Bug)
- Fix Bug UserEngine.ini Thx For Report @_rzkynto
- Optimasi G Syntax 
- Optimasi UserEngine.ini 
- Optimasi Logo 
- Optimasi UserCustom & EnjoyCJZC When UserEngine Installed
- Do u found a bug? email now faranramdan@gmail.com

*Split Only is the new security from gsyntax the best for now

*New Package mean cant use if you are installed pubg mobile lite and new security & Old Package mean can use with pubg mobile lite but old security

*Split is Mean, Can Using Global, VN, KR, TW Version

G Syntax 2.8.0 (Global Only): http://www.mediafire.com/file/iok4graqqh2qpux/GFX_SYNTAX_2.8.0_Global.apk/file

G Syntax 2.8.0 (Global Only): http://www.mediafire.com/file/w2hj9nyzapl588c/GFX_SYNTAX_2.8.1_Global.apk/file

G Syntax 2.9.0 (Global Only):  http://www.mediafire.com/file/mw5nkh8babzflkw/GFX_SYNTAX_2.9.0_Global.apk/file

2 komentar untuk "Full Version Of G Syntax Best Of GFX For Performance"

  1. Saran aja bro, upload ke playstore

  2. Bro, Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG IN) just released beta version today.... In india there is heavily craze for that.... When today I tried installing configs into that Using G-Syntax. There was no support. Plz update the app and give support for Pubg India Too....