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G Syntax Android 11 Information, When Release ?

Thank you for supporting g syntax, hereby I want you to be patient until gsyntax android 11 is released

there are some problems on android 11 which has been determined by google (android 11)

with security android 11 can only access android/media
and if you want to be able to access "android/data/com.tencent.ig" the application must have been verified in the playstore, it's just that gsyntax doesn't have these access rights

Honestly, I gave up a little
but that feeling also bothers me, actually android 11 makes me curious

the conclusion can't be for android 11, BUT

I'm looking for an android developer for cooperation that can bypass android 11 with android kitkat syntax, that's the only hope apart from entering the playstore

I also want g syntax to enter the playstore, but it requires approximately $25 according to the conditions for creating a google play console account

you can donate via


This method is effective and definitely works, that is, your device must be rooted and install the module I installed

you can download module android 11 gsyntax : Data & OBB Unlocker For Android 11 

How to install :

  1. install module via magisk module
  2. after that restart
  3. finished

That's all for this information, hopefully it will be useful and I also need developers who can work together for the Android 11 g syntax developer team

sorry if this english bad, because im use google translate, original language is indonesia