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Game Dan Aplikasi Basis ARM Run On Android Dual Boot (List)

Sumber : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XYuoySgYQE0HL573sA-0RGMX7I4lt5rWJuQ8Z8yRJNY/edit#gid=0

SM8150 Platform (has x64 GPU support):

. 3DMark2001 SEx86yeshotdog(12GB)1024x7688139 3DMarksD3D HW@Morc

. Geekbench 5arm64yesvayu(8GB)-2003 points

. Speedometer 2arm64yeshotdog(12GB)1920x108056.6 runs/min
@MorcThis is a browser speed benchmark.

Cities: Skylinesx64yesepsilon(6GB)640x48010-20fpslowest@agcarbajo1

ClassiCubearm32yeshotdog(12GB)3120x144060default + 512 view dist.@MorcStill works great as it did on SDM845image - ClassiCube

Control x64yesvayu(8GB)640x480~20-25fpslowest@SpecialiceThe game opens very slow and at low fps, but after 5 seconds it works finevideo-control-x3-pro

Dead Spacex86yesmh2lm800x60030-35fpsMax@Specialice

Euro Truck Simulator 2x64yeshotdog(12GB)3120x144010-30lowest@MorcStill CPU bottlenecked

Farming Simulator 2008x86yeshotdog(12GB)1024x76830normal@MorcHas weird colors?? Change affinity to CPU 4 for better performance.

God Of War PCx64yesvayu(8GB)
5-15fpsNo Settings@Specialice

Hentai Waifux86yeshotdog(12GB)3120x144060
@Morc@Kostka Brukowa#4206 gifted me this game..no image needed

Kerbal Space Program x86yesmh2lm2340x10805-15fpsMedium@Specialice

Minecraft (Java)x64yesvayu(8GB)800x60015-21fpsMedium, 5 chunks, 1.19.2@Specialiceneed this pack for compatibility

Mirror's Edgex86yeshotdog(12GB)2380x1080~20-30Minimum@Morc

My Summer Carx86yeshotdog(12GB)1024x76812-15"Good"@Morc

Quake III Arenax86yeshotdog(12GB)1024x76860high@Morc140FPS in timedemo four

Rise of the Tomb Raiderx64yesvayu(8GB)800x600~20-25fpslowest@Specialicedirectx12 and fullscreen mode is needed, gpu work perfectlyvideo-rise-x3-pro

Rise of the Tomb Raiderx64nomh2lm

@Specialiceno start (need more test)

Rocket Leaguex64yesmh2lm
50-60Max@Specialiceis very unstable (crash many times)

Shadow Of The Tomb Raiderx64nomh2lm

@SpecialiceDirectX 11 error even with directx 12 (need more test)

image - Spintires

The Stanley Parablex86yeshotdog(12GB)2380x108060Low Medium mix@MorcBased on the Source engine, those games perform the best

Tomb Raider 2013x86yesmh2lm1280x72045-60Medium@Specialiceonly work in Windowed mode (in hight settings Crash)

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstormx86yeshotdog(12GB)1664x768180Maxed out@MorcI don't know how to play the game, @Powan#0331 asked me to try it

SDM845 Platform (no x64 GPU support):

. 3DMark - Night Raidx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x10802834 3DMarks
video - 3DMark

. 3DMark2001 SEx86yesfajita(8GB)1024x7687756 3DMarksD3D HW@Morc

. Cinebench r23x64yesfajita(8GB)-909 points
@edi194sadly it's being emulated so the performance is enormously crippledvideo - Cinebench r23

. Geekbench 5arm64yesfajita(8GB)-467/1746
video - Geekbench 5

. Heaven Benchmarkx86yesenchilada(8GB)2280x108015fps/378scoredx9/ lowest@stemdecke supremedx 11 scored ~345 and got 14fps

. Passmark PerformanceTestarm64yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080586.9

Alien: Isolationx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~12
video - Alien: Isolation

Assetto Corsax86yesberyllium
30-75Low@AKANeed set to 32bit.Picture

Batman: Arkham Cityx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080


Battlefield 4x86yesfajita(8GB)
video - Battlefield 4

image - BeamNG.drive

Bioshock Infinitex86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~20-30


@MorcAppears to run in bg, no window and eating CPU and RAM

Borderlands 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108012
video - Borderlands 2

Botaniculax86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108030high@MorcIt's a flash game, works just fine


Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (NOT REMASTER)x86noberyllium(6GB)1920x1080

Upon launch, error pops up saying "This game requires SSE2 Instruction set, which is not available on your computer"

But can it run Crysis?x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108015/20Medium/Low@Morc
image - Crysis

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~20

Chocolate Doomx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108035

ClassiCubearm32yesfajita(8GB)2380x108060Far@MorcThis port of ClassiCube is nice, I'm pretty sure the emulated version would run sameimage - ClassiCube

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2x86yesberyllium1280x54020-40High@ZΞPHYɌUSGame gets slower the more activity there is on the map.

Counter-Strike Global Offensivex86yesfajita(8GB)1600x900~30lowest@edi194

Counter-Strike: Sourcex86yesberyllium2246x1080~40-100 FPSMinimum@RusJJ

Crazy Taxix86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~15-25High@MorcI hoped it would perform a bit betterimage - Crazy Taxi

video - Cuphead

Cyberpunk 2077x64nofajita(8GB)

@edi194Probably memory related issue, if more RAM will be available it *should* show at least menu

DARK SOULS: Prepare To Die Editionx86yes

Dead Island 2x86nofajita(8GB)

@edi194Server is running fine, game can't load even menu (it's prerelease after all)

Dead Spacex86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~30
video - Dead Space

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cutx86yesenchilada(8GB)2280x1080
~23-30 in game/59 in cutscenes

@stemdecke supremecutscenes run at 59 fps no matter what. Turn all settings off or on low to get the game playable. even post processing effects.

DiRT 3 Complete Editionx86nofajita(8GB)

@MorcStarts but then crashes on loading

DiRT Rally(2015)x86yespolaris(8GB)2160x1080~20Low@Chen

DiRT Showdownx86nofajita(8GB)

@MorcStarts but then crashes on logo

Doki Doki Literature Clubx86yesfajita(8GB)1280x72030

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisenx86yespolaris(8GB)2160x1080~10-20

Dying Lightx86yesenchilada(8GB)1140x540
0-1fps in menu/game 30fps in opening scene

@stemdecke suprememust go into config file and set to lowest settings and 1/2 the resolution of the screen and magnifier app to zoom in. getting through menu takes an age

Euro Truck Simulator 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108020-40lowest@Morc

Factorio (0.14.23, last 32bit version)x86nofajita(8GB)1280x720

@Morc(shows an error), needs to be retested

Fallout 3x86yesdipper2248x1080~30Medium@Grey2WolfPut this one: Fallout 3 Windows 7 and 8 Fix d3d9.dll to the folder with the game. If the player is unable to move at the beginning of the game at the birthday party, disable all DLC.Image -Fallout 3video1 quality Low
Fallout: New Vegasx86noberyllium

@RusJJLaunches in a weird 5:4 resolution, crash on New Game

Fallout: New Vegasx86yesdipper2248x1080~25Medium@Grey2WolfPut this one: Fallout 3 Windows 7 and 8 Fix d3d9.dll to the folder with the game.

Far Cryx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108020-60High@Morc
image - Far Cry

Far Cry 2x86no

@itpediaCrashes without error

Far Cry 3x86nofajita(8GB)


Farming Simulator 14x86nofajita(8GB)

@MorcFrom MIcrosoft Store, crashes

Farming Simulator 16x86nofajita(8GB)

@MorcFrom MIcrosoft Store, crashes

Farming Simulator 2008x86yesfajita(8GB)1024x7685-7lowest@MorcLow fps for some reason.. seems like an emulation problem?

Farming Simulator 2009x86yesfajita(8GB)1024x7681lowest@MorcEven more slower than FS2008

Farming Simulator 2019x64nofajita(8GB)

@MorcCrashes without any reason in log file

FlatOut 2x86yes
@GoldRenardfew graphical glitchesvideo - FlatOut 2

Fortnite 3.5x64noberyllium

@agcarbajo1Can't run because the GPU "doesn't support DX11"Picture

Forza Horizon 4x64nofajita(8GB)


Grand Theft Auto IIIx86yesfajita(8GB)1280x76830Normal@MorcOnly works on portrait rotation because it doesn't support "arbitrary resolutions", 25FPS cap

Grand Theft Auto IVx86yes
video - GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IVx86yesenchilada(8GB)2160x108016-25Low@OnePlus Slave

Grand Theft Auto San Andreasx86yesfajita(8GB)800x60025
@MorcOnly works on portrait rotation because it doesn't support "arbitrary resolutions", 25FPS cap

Grand Theft Auto Vx64noenchilada(8GB)800x600

@OnePlus SlaveERR_GFX_D3D_INIT

Grand Theft Auto Vx64yesenchilada(8GB)1514x11873-5Low + potato mod@OnePlus SlaveGPU driver not working Picture

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreasx86noberyllium

The game requires 800x600 resolution to start but currently it's impossible to have custom resolutions


@ChenShow memory allocate error in the first loading screen

Half Life (WinHLQuake port)arm32yesfajita(8GB)800x60060High@MorcAnother port of an engine for Windows RT, working here without any issues

Half-Life 2 Lost Coastx86yesfajita(8GB)2340x1080~35High@edi194Another Source engine game, works nicely

Heroes of Might and Magic Vx86yesfajita(8GB)2340x1080~30
@edi194Needs to run with OpenGL

Hitman 4: Blood Moneyx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~20

Hollow Knightx86yespolaris(8GB)2160x1080~30Default@ChenSelect the 32bit beta version in Steam.

ioQuake III Arena portarm32nofajita(8GB)

@Morcquietly crashes on background

Jalopyx64yesfajita(8GB)2380x10803lowest@MorcSadly a 64bit game so it runs horribly

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning x86yespolaris(8GB)2160x1080~20Default@Chen

Left 4 Dead 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2340x1080~40high/very high@edi194Needs "-w 2340 -h 1080" attributes to properly start in full screen modevideo - Left 4 Dead 2

LZDoomx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108035High@MorcUse software mode (OpenGL hardware mode has *scaling* problems?), 35FPS capimage - LZDoom

Mafiax86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108024-32High@MorcPlay with a sound card, otherwise you'll be greeted with "error #8815 Generic..."image - Mafia

Mafia 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~30
video - Mafia 2

Metro 2033 (2010)x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~10Low (DX10)@GoldRenardIn DX9 mode runs in wrong resolution, DX11 mode has a lot of graphical glitches

Minecraft (Bedrock)arm32yesfajita(8GB)2380x10806024 chunks@MorcManaged to outperform the Android version

Minecraft (Java)arm64yes
2340x108018~284 chunks@longjunyuDue to the limitation of lwjgl version, it can only run minecraft 1.17 and above.

Minecraft (Java)x64nofajita(8GB)

@MorcStarts launching and crashes with "EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION"

MInecraft (java)arm64yesdipper
~3low, 5 chunk, 1.7.10@AkupernogOpenGL, OpenJDKPicture

Mirror's Edgex86yesberyllium2246x1080~20-30Minimum@RusJJ
Has graphical artifacts on building and a fence (textures), launches in a weird resolution by default

Mortal Kombat Komplete Editionx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108034

My Summer Carx86yesfajita(8GB)768x102412-15"Good"@MorcDoesn't run that bad considering that it also struggles on my GTX 650

NBA 2K14x86yespolaris(8GB)2160x1080


Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)x86yesfajita(8GB)2340x1080~40
@edi194Needs "Extra Options" or "Widescreen mod" for windowed or native resolution

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108050low@Morc

Need for Speed: Shift 2: UnleashedX86noberyllium

Low@AKAYou can run luncher But when start game, Crash game

Need for Speed: Underground 2 (2004)x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108030-40Medium@GoldRenardNeeds "Widescreen mod" for windowed or native resolution

OMSI 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108020-25original@MorcRuns pretty well, the game is infamous of being very unoptimised on x86 PCsimage - OMSI 2

osu! (2015 32bit client)x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080120
@MorcNothing special, manages to get to the 120FPS framerate

@MorcLow framerate due to it being x64, could also be compiled as a x86

Portal x86yesenchilada(8GB)2280x108030+ (had no fps counter, but buttery smooth)high@stemdecke supremevery smooth, very playable.

Portal 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108030-60high@MorcNeeds "-w 2340 -h 1080" arributes to properly startimage - Portal 2

Postal 2x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~30
video - Postal 2

PrBoom (Doom arm32 port)arm32yesfajita(8GB)640x48060high@MorcWorks pretty much fine, also with uncapped FPSimage - PrBoom

Prince of Persia - Warrior Withinx86yesberyllium(6GB)1920x1080yes
@riglaze"unsupported hw" error pop-up, can be bypassed easily (giybf.com)

video - Prototype

Quake 2 (port)arm32yesfajita(8GB)1280x960~30normal@MorcHas capped FPS? Afterburner doesn't show any FPS counters as it's running in software modeimage - Quake 2

Quake III Arenax86yesfajita(8GB)1280x102460high@MorcYou have to choose between either a few graphical glitches or low FPS

re3 (reverse engineered GTA III engine port)arm32nofajita(8GB)

@MorcThrows issues

reVC (reverse engineered GTA: Vice City)x86yesberyllium2246x108060Max, Framelimit Off@RusJJYou need to set your resolution in reVC.ini file, FPS drops with big population


@MorcEasy AntiCheat doesn't work on arm64

Rocket League (old 32bit version)x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108015-30Performance@Morc

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobylx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108010-25Low Settings@GoldRenardStatic lighting doesn't work correctly, has a few graphical glitches (transparency problems, etc)video - STALKER: SoC

Serious Sam 3: BFEx86yes

Serious Sam: The Second Encounterx86yesfajita(8GB)2340x1080~30-60

SimCity 5x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108040high@Morc
image - SimCity 5

SimTractor v4x86yesfajita(8GB)640x48030
@MorcNothing wrong here, works just fine, FPS capped at 30image - SimTractor v4

Skyrim: Legendary Editionx86yesenchilada(8GB)800x600≈ 25-30High@OnePlus Slave

Sleeping Dogs HD Definitive editionx86yesenchilada(8GB)2280x10801-2low end pc mod@stemdecke supremedoing that 1fps thing that ive seen others describe as the game using a virtual gpu instead of the adreno on the SoC. I did load into the game, same fps.

Spintiresx86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108025low@MorcDownloaded from Steamimage - Spintires

@AkupernogOpenGL Picture

STARCRAFT IIx86yesberyllium2248x1080~15very low@AKA

Stardew Valley(full PC/Console version)x86yesenchilada(8GB)2248x108056-59N/A@stemdecke supremeselect compatability mode under launch options or manage installation (steam/GOG) to install 32 bit(compat) version. install latest XNA libraries. Now the game will launch with 14-32FPS. Once the game boots launch task manager and under the details tab set the games priority to high, then click set affinity and uncheck CPU/core 0. Now the game will play at a consistant 56-59 FPS

Super Mario 64 PC Portx64yesfajita(8GB)2380x108030
@MorcMostly using CPU (+ emulation) and no GPU acceleration whatsoever, works fine



@MorcWorks but seems a bit slow

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+x86yesfajita(8GB)2340x108034

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirthx86yesdipper2248x1080~40
@AkupernogOpenGL Picture

The Elder Scrolls III: Oblivionx86yesenchilada(8GB)2280x1080~25-40med setting high draw distance@stemdecke supremeno texture on your character when displayed in menu, otherwise very playable. enjoyable even.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimx86yesdipper800x450~15-40low@Akupernog

The Forestx86yesberyllium2246x1080~15Low@AKANeed run The Forest32.exe, And need run to windowed.

The Sims 2x86nofajita(8GB)

@MorcCrashes with various errors

The Sims 3x86yesberyllium2246x1080~40High@RusJJRare freezes (may be the game problem with caching or models loading)

The Stanley Parablex86yesfajita(8GB)2380x108060Low Medium mix@MorcBased on the Source engine, those games perform the best

The Witcher 3x64yes

15 FPSLow@OnePlus SlaveGPU driver working

Tomb Raider (2013)x86yesfajita(8GB)2380x1080~15Normal@edi194




@MorcCrashes, has the Battleeye AntiCheat and is 64bit

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2x64yesfajita(8GB)2160x108017-30Low@NimaNone, ran surprisingly smooth

Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unconnected Marketeersx86yesberyllium2246x108060 (Vsync)N/A@MayTheChickenNeeds a playback device to load (BT audio...)

Tambahan : 

Sims 4 Work 

premier pro work

cyberpunk work (seharusnya untuk ram 8gb sm8xxx)

wps work