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Kernel Gaming Rekomendasi Redmi Note 7 Overlord Kernel V9.7 Stable Ram 3/4GB


Saya tidak bertanggung jawab jika ponsel terbakaršŸ”„, meledakšŸ’„, menyebabkan perang nuklir☢️, melakukan lompatan kuantum —, atau melakukan perjalanan ke dimensi paralel untuk menemukan permata tak terhingga untuk membunuh Thanos

Download Overlord Kernel Redmi Note 7

Version Oldcam

Version Newcam 

Version Oldcam QTI

Version Newcam QTI

Dan Saya Ingatkan untuk kernel ini

1-Jangan mengisi daya ponsel Anda saat Anda menggunakan

2-Jangan gunakan modul termal dengan kernel ini

3-Tunggu 48-72 jam hingga kernel stabil

4-Jangan buat ponsel Anda mengisi daya di tempat tidur atau di bawah bantal

5-Gunakan versi QTI hanya di ROM QTI

Changelog : 

WIREGUARD_VERSION "1.0.20211208"

Linux updated to 4.4.302

Android 12 Supported

Reduced package size to 9.7 MB

-Overlord-Engine V16 under hood

{Optimizations on:

----defconfigs, low memory killer,sched,MM,interactive governor,frequency,gpu ----driver,TCP,Bluetooth,USB,AUDIO all these section on this kernel is optimized for ----lavender under exhaustive test/error process}

-Improve memory management

-Fixed temp indicator error

-Optimization on charge process (reduce overheat and improve charge speed ) now the phone enter on fast charging more faster

-Input cpu_input_boost improve

-Linux/MMC: add manual bkops enable bit

-Increase vmstat interval to reduce intermittent jitter

-Never allow allocations more than our physical memory

-Super fast random entropy

-Mount namespaces using NOATIME NODIRATIME flag

-F2FS optimization imported from dorinmax

-Release the DMA channel if probe fails after dma_init

-Improve task under high sched pressure scenarios

-Disable a lot of hell logging on all completely system (wifi and Bluetooth chip, charger IC, touch IC, screen IC, and processor IC)

-Disable CABC

-Reduced latency kernel

-Updated wifi drivers to LA.UM.7.2r1-09400-sdm660.0

-Skip frequency updates if CPU about to idle

-Enable ECN negotiation by default

-ION reworked!!

-Watchdog disabled

-Remove explicit barriers from mmio ops where unneeded (reduce overheat)

-Bypass GPIO pins owned by TZ (prevent crashes)

-Rewrite and optimize memcmp


-Rate limit the error logs for pkts with invalid status

-Reroute random fops to urandom

-Optimized for a73

-Remove smp2p debug

-Remove workqueue high-priority flag

-Touchscreen: disable gesture log

-Force enable Ultra Low Power State (ULPS)

-Disable LB_BIAS by default

-Don't build bosch BMI160

-Disable EL0

-Disable big-little flag

-Disable Audit

-Expose GPU used frequency statistics in a new sysfs

-I2C boosted

-Simple GPU optimized!!

-Added BBR

-Cortex optimizations

-KGSL optimizations

-Rewrite Input driver for more speed

-Binder optimized!!

-Tune optimized

-Delete trace point on binder

-Zram more faster now

-Dcache read mostly 50

-Disable process reclaim

-Memory utilities optimization

-Disable debug locks

-Improve stability by sync file system in separate work queue

-Flush TLBs before releasing backing store

-fix UAF of bcm op

-Refactor malicious adv data check

-Fix failed recovery on gone remote port with non-NPIV FCP devices

-Include z/VM guests with access control group set

-Restore i_lenAlloc when inode expansion fails

-Fix NULL ptr deref when converting from inline format

-Thermal optimizations