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Update G Syntax 5.0.10 & 5.1.0 For Improve 1.6


thanks for everything and here is the g syntax update this time with version 5.0.10

What's new in g syntax this time?

fix the display problem that is not experience for new users

and new features in pubgm 1.6.0

G Syntax for the future

there will be a plugin feature that you can download without having to update g syntax

information features in the main menu g syntax

and of course I want g syntax to be in the playstore, there is still hope for g syntax to be on the playstore, please pray for it

Changelog G Syntax 5.0.10

1. set negative button "no" to "settings"

2. UI experience optimization (main, server, installation)

3. add information about installing gsyntax

4. add config support updater.ini (blm)

5. apk size optimization

6. menu optimization

6. New Feature Now Support "Updater.ini"

7. remove pufferpatch via server

8. update ultra hd sound (server)

Update Changelog g syntax 5.1.0

im sorry for bug 5.0.10
so this version fixed
1. Fix Storage A10 with old method
2. New Feature Remove Updater.ini
3. Now Can Open Youtube When Link Go To Youtube

Download Now : G Syntax 5.1.0 PUBG.apk

maybe this is it for this time if you have config or want to be admin g syntax to update config2 please contact me, limited quota.