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No Recoil With Config Files Without APK/OBB Mod 1000% Safe Best PUBG Mobile 1.6 Right Now

so yesterday the fery ir shared the best no recol tutorial for now because this no recoil has been tried on the main account and 100% AMAANNN, Read on bro

Indonesian Tutorial : No Recoil Dengan Config File Tanpa APK/OBB Mod 1000% Aman PUBG Mobile 1.6 Terbaik Saat Ini

Is it true that there is no recoil with files?

there are ones that are clearly safer than the pubg mobile apk mod or the obb mod,

What is needed?

you only need root, and magisk

because this file is root which can only be used in modules

before reading this, let's join the config faran ramdan community on telegram


how about no recoil non root?

be patient, here there is still hope with the obb file, although it's a bit difficult, but later on G Syntax and on the website it will be held

Is it really 100% safe?

It's true, but if it's reported, it's a different story because the original account, if it's good, will report it bro. so be good at playing and my advice is to use a gyro so it doesn't look too recoil huh

Support With GB, KR, VN, PGMI

How to download and install no recoil pubg mobile 1.6

Download Riru (PUBM Only) : Riru.zip

Download the Latest No Recol 1.6 : No Recol.zip

1. Go to Magisk Manager

2. Enter the Module Menu

3. Install Riru First

4. Install the newest No Recol 1.6 Module

5. Restart the cellphone, and enter PUBGM as usual

hope it works, don't forget to share the source, thank you, thank you fery ir