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How To Change Weapon Sound Effects, Scope, Step Etc. Like iPhone Sound To Android

change the effect on mobile pubg, the purpose of the effect is to change the quality of the sound, for example M4, the effect of bombs, particle shots, wood, floors, soil will all change, also when the open scope will feel more sound / there is a difference ..

For example in the viewfinder Scope will sound different depending on the type of place. For example, if you are running, the Scope of aiming will be smaller. But if you are silent the shooting sound will be greater like a pubg pc steam.

To find out the results or vote check the video above or try it yourself. Be sure to listen via a headset or earphone.

For when you're in a building. It will be felt even at a considerable distance compared to before. That's the advantage of usersetting an iPhone / IOS

The file (UserSettings.ini) : Via MediaFire

How to install :

copy file "UserSettings.ini" to android folder - data - com.tencent.ig - files - UE4Games - ShadowTrackerExtra - ShadowTrackerExtra (again) - saved - config - android (paste here)

you can try it yourself because you can judge it yourself ... watch the video for installation and use this usersettings if u not understand ...