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How To Change Quick Chat Pubg Mobile To Japanese VC Loli Version, Newest

For women who play pubg mobile games, there is now a lol version. maybe some of you are asking "how do you do it, bro?" it turns out easy guys see the following way

because if the text is going to be lengthy and it's also difficult to explain ... and it's easier to tutorial via YouTube or video, guys.

please enter the link below

Active sav loli: Via MediaFire

For more details and details, just refer to the video, because I have slipped a tutorial on how to install it. And keep in mind that everything I share does not contain a password at all. So you just extract it and enter the folder, its ez

for using :

Android - data - com.tencent.ig - files - UE4Games - ShadowTrackerExtra - ShadowTrackerExtra (more) - saved - paste is complete