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Fix Lag/ Frame Drop With Active Sav iPhone V3 To Android PUBG Mobile

how to make an Android device when playing the game is actually easy because of its incomplete features and graphics that are too coercive then there will be a few obstacles like lag and other.

File: Via MediaFire

just watch the video until it's finished so there's no understanding, good luck, bro,

and yeah thx for 300k views and tahnk to god and my viewer we did. for a spesial config and big viewer on my channel. this config is very smoothly then another config. its really bro

do you know that the active sav and config on the iPhone v3 is made by Rio Zulkifli? yep he also helped me to build this channel. btw thank you also for those who already support because the iPhone v3 is more than 100k translucent, and there are lots of testimonials there.

Recommended for all smartphones IOS and Android. its can be used on Android, iOS and iPad.