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Configuration Recommended PUBG Mobile Config Iphone For Andoid V13.0+

overcome lag on a smartphone mamang reasonable thing especially if the cellphone is very potato. but did you know that the game also has special tips for dealing with lag or shuttering from several devices?

a source from pubg mobile itself that only high-end Android smartphones can experience lag or frame drop if the cpu doesn't work optimally, even though my cellphone xiaomi redmi note 4 mediatek can be stable at 40-50fps on smooth extream settings? do not believe ? just watch the video until it's finished. for passwords and video files here bro, don't be ashamed to ask if you don't understand how it is.

File : -

oh yes the advantages of this iPhone config is very easy, you can try it. and also accelerate the open scope of your mobile pubg as well when clicking on the button which usually has a delay now no longer delay, and also for this iPhone config the advantages are very slim (the characters) so it is very good for funny and barbaric. suitable for potato cell phone

oh yeah one more thing, if I often share other config besides iphone, for example pocophone and blackshark, just check on my youtube