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Recommended Active Sav for Snapdragon 410+ Without Lag

Already Tested Redmi 4x, redmi 4, and also redmi 3s devices from Rio Zulkifli (subscriber), on the 435 snap the results run very smoothly without frame drop.

for the v2 version I have up please check the recent post column below, if it doesn't appear, try checking my latest post or contact me for the link.

And active sav specifically for Snapdragon Potatoes 410 and above, between Version 1 and version 2 which is Good? Of course v2, can be checked in the next post. Because v2, I didn't enter YouTube

Active Sav Maker: Rio Zulkifli
Config Maker: Faran Ramdan
Advantages :
1. Recommended for Snapdragon 4xx and Mediatek too
2. For adreno GPU and mali series
3. Default Voice Chat loli Ogura YUI Version A
4. There are additional config (if needed from me)
5. 480p smooth extreme 60fps

Tested: Redmi 4x, 4, 3s

File : Via GDirect
Mirror File : Via MediaFire

want to chat chat can fill in the comments below or via discord or questions about config please contact me, for other games and also about technology and trick tips maybe I will answer 👍