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Overcome Lag With GLTools Setting Special For PUBG Mobile Android

Some time ago, I tried experimenting with the gl tool, yap gl tool is an application to overcome lag, even so, this application is very effective and very useful for heavy games like pubg mobile

how does the gl tool work?

gl tool works like making fake system information on your android, and 85% affects the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which functions to regulate the whole graph of the android system. and 10% functions to manage the partition or data storage and RAM, 9% controls the CPU.

why a smaller CPU performance?, instead of games requiring a high CPU?
many assume that the game runs smoothly because of a good CPU, NOT all depends on the GPU, GPU is like a VGA on a PC, the better the VGA the more smoothly to play games.

For example, if a PC uses only CPU Core I5 Gen 2 CPUs with a VGA RTX series, any game will be flushed.

DEVICES TESTED: XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 4 Mediatek, Redmi Note 5A, Note 7, Redmi 4x and Realme 3

previously I also used Andromax C3 to play modern combat 3 and 4 and the result was to get 50fps lock without downtime

* Device requirements are ROOT

download and install gl tools, can go to play store or search on google yak.
there will be 3 installation methods, just select "install"

1. If you have already installed look for the pubg mobile app, click
2. check enable custom settings for this app
3. check enable optimize GLSL
4. enable texture decompression> all
enable texture recompression> all (slow & unsafe)

5. check "use fake GPU info" and "use fake CPU / RAM info"
6. use a template

if your cellphone uses GPU mali, the top set is "MALI T604" if your cellphone uses Adreno, set "Adreno 320" and other than adjusting it.

7. in the "Fake GL_VERSION" section. if it says "OpenGL ES 2.0 ....." change to "OpenGL ES 3.0 ...." see in the picture

finished. straight into the game pubg mobile. the result will be 4X more smooth if you don't believe the video gameplay above. from 20-30fps to 45-55 fps is not far enough isn't the difference?