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How to Change PUBG Mobile's Quick Voice Chat to Japanese Loli Version of Ogura Yui C

this is active sav loli ogura yui and can be used for all global versions, korean, china and other mobile pubg versions like taiwan too. I took this active sav from the Korean version with VPN Japan, you can try it yourself if you want to know the difference in performance, if you have trouble checking the video and how to pair it.

And if you want to make a list to your liking, wait on my channel because I will upload it. And don't forget to activate the bell too huh hehe.

This feature can be used on all Android and all versions, except 0.12 because 0.12 has a special VC. So don't ask "does this work with the blbalblabla version?" Certainly support

The file: -

copy the file - enter the folder, Android - data - com.tencent.ig - files - UE4Games - ShadowTrackerExtra - ShadowTrackerExtra (again) - Saved - SaveGames - paste the file "Active.sav" HERE ....

according to what I review, this active sav has been tried and the results are satisfying, I have long used this active sav for 3 weeks. I tried it on a spec device low mediatek helio x20 and the results were smooth without problems