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Change Voice to Loli Version, Nee san, Milf Rina Satou A, More Cute V1

The latest loli is newer than Ogura Yui, Ishikawa Yui and Ayana Taketasu, many have, and I got it from my subscriber "abdul wasiur khoir". You can take the file below after this.

btw, this is without PW yes, but if you want to share please give the source from "Faran Ramdan". because it's hard to find this version ... please support me.

get to the point, who doesn't understand well the advantages of the following active sav, for those who are confused about performance, just check the review link

Active sav with Rina Satou A loli:


sav active original that I review on youtube, stable at 30fps specifically for potato phones.
link: Via MediaFire

iPhone 8+ v2

which is usually used by my subscriber, the MOKA (my provleyer :v) is the best for war, original graphics like iPhone 8+, under resolution
link: Via MediaFire

snap 410+ v3

specifically for subscriber waiting for this active sav and this is made from subscriber "Rio Zulkifli" which I still haven't reviewed on YouTube. tested phone with severe potato Vivo and oppo on ram 1gb snap 410. can be used on MediaTek, tested helio x20
link: Via MediaFire

iPhone V4

advantages: active sav real from the iPhone in the port for android and this is the most recommended, there is a configuration under resolution and the graphics such as water cet, just try it, suitable for potato phones
link: Via MediaFire

FPP TPP button

there is a button to set it to tpp fpp mode but it can only be set in the tpp mode, which is confused, just try it or check the review on the link below. a bit heavy but still tasty.
link: Via MediaFire

UPDATE 7/9/2018
there will be some new and more important vocabulary words and there are some new words, like:

left flank
right flank
i got water drop, etc.

you can check it by yourself because I only checked for a while, the advantages of this V2 are already included with active sav iPhone V4 (my mainstay for playing war) because it is more delicious + smooth: 
Change Voice to Loli Version, Nee san, Milf Rina Satou A, More kawaii V2