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Change PUBG Mobile To Voice Quick Chat Sugita Tomokazu C Version

The voice on Tomokazu's voice chat is good as I said before, similar to Genji's voice. Yes, it means the pitch is very high. Not like other voice chat.

and voice chat is rarely used because many do not know

In my opinion, there are some voice chats that make loud. Like in "help, I'm really sorry". If you don't believe, you can check the video that I reviewed on the "Faran Ramdan" channel.

For content creators who want to re-share, please give us the credit from "Faran Ramdan", please be honest.

For the file, you just take it below.

Several versions are available:

- iPhone V4
- iPhone 8+ V2
- FPP TPP button
- Snap v2
- And default that I review

And does every active Sav have advantages and disadvantages? Certain

iPhone V4

Pros: I use it until now and it still works for cellphone potatoes (tested on MediaTek potatoes get 30fps) + severe dotted 480p

iPhone 8+ v2

Pros: like the iPhone V4 is only a small upgrade from V4. It's already 720p HD downscale and no MSaa. good for war no frame drop

FPP TPP button

Pros: more directed to features. So in TPP mode, there will be a TPP FPP switch button. But it can't be used in FPP mode. Please try it yourself. fit for emulator.

Snap 400+ v2

Pros: will continue to be updated and this is from Rio Zulkifli. The views have been booming in the iPhone V3 config. Anyway, if he made the best. Just try it. 480p was tested on Oppo a37 snap 410 and tested on XR note 4 MTK

original version on my reviewed on Youtube:

There is a wheel chat. For apart from this there is no wheel chat, so it is very special. the total more than 8. So 28 voice quick chat

For how to pair it as usual yes. I told you at the end of the video. or can go to the following page:

And thanks for the support so far. We are 30k subscribers. Also for those who don't mind, please give a vote in the comments column