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5 Best Android Tweaks For Playing Heavy Android Games And Settings

Maybe many lay people who do not know what is behind the Tweak function on Android? tweak works to improve system performance on Android

but because there are already many Android enthusiasts in this world, and there are also many developers to develop Tweak on any Android.

The function of Tweak is not only to maximize the performance of Android, but it can also add features such as being able to access the CPU, GPU, RAM, even to the camera that can be installed GPU.

Yes, maybe some of you know the camera?
Gcam includes tweaking the camera. but we don't discuss it first

Just go directly to a few tweaks below :

1. Kernel auditor

This kernel auditor has boomed and is widely used on all devices. Support with Android devices. But don't be confused if the features are very different from other Android phones because the kernel auditor works from the side of your cellphone kernel, "is it supported by this feature or not"

the Tweak average is more directed to CPU management, ram, and storage

2. L Speed

L Speed ​​functions similarly like kernel auditor, there are several differences, if the kernel auditor focuses on RAM and storage management, l speed is more focused with features of CPU performance and IO or AI Artificial Intelligence

3. Kitana

from all that I mentioned above, Kitana is the most stable tweak in my opinion. you could even say it's pretty good. Because we don't see the kernel's point of view. features that are available can be used on all android smartphones.

So if your phone doesn't support Kitana features, it will bootloop or get stuck in the logo.

4. Gl tool

Yes, this feature is waiting for gamers. Gl tool is more directed to the GPU, Direct X, Open GL, and CPU

GPU that can be used normally you can "fake" to any GPU, for example from mali t880 to t640 and can also improve the performance of your cellphone because of the GPU. And open GL can be downclocked to versions 3.1 through 1.0, my recommendation is 2.0 / 3.0

Pubgm requires 3.0 to be played.

5. BRAVIA engine

BraviaVengine or BRXVengine This tweak is more directed to the background of the System which works automatically and supports on any android. Suitable for MediaTek because it will improve performance and the battery will also be more economical

Maybe there aren't a few tweaks you can use. Before that, I already shared the review and how to install it on my YouTube for kernel auditor, Gl tool, Kitana, and L speed

You can check it yourself on my YouTube